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Jamboard: Create Quick, Collaborative Copies with Classroom

Jamboard: Create Quick, Collaborative Copies with Classroom

Distance Learning

Jamboard was kind of uncharted territory for awhile. It has been exciting to see the updates that have taken place over time as Google has developed this tool from being an interactive TV, to an Android/iOS app, to a web version. At one time, Jamboard wasn't even a part of your Google Drive. As everyone was smacked in the face with distance learning, teachers started looking for great ways to keep students engaged and interact with their learning on a variety of digital platforms. 

What is a Jamboard

If you aren't familiar with Jamboard, it is pretty much a digital whiteboard where you can organize thoughts, create collages and presentations, and share ideas with a team.  Drawings, images, and post-it notes are all sources of input on a Jamboard. If you aren't sure where to find it, visit Google Drive. When you want to create a new file, check the "more" icon and you'll find it there. Just keep in mind that this will be the web version of Jamboard. If you have a Chromebook with the Google Play Store enabled, you can use the app version which has quite a few more bells and whistles. 
Google Drive More button

Hack the Classroom

I get a lot of negative feedback from my videos that talk about hacking Google Classroom. (Usually from students looking for ways to not do their schoolwork.😁) By hacking, I am referring to a life-hack; something that will make your life easier. I have posted a video on how you can create multiple copies of a Jamboard for students in Google Classroom. I'm not talking about "make a copy for each student" here; I'm talking about creating quick copies of collaborative spaces. 

How to do it

  1. With Google Classroom, create a draft of your Jamboard template for groups of students to work collaboratively. Here you can set up your instructions, due-date and topic information. Don't forget to attach your Jamboard too so that students can edit your copy! 
  2. Save the draft and use the "reuse post" option in Google Classroom under create. 
  3. Reuse your draft, select your students, and assign. 
  4. Repeat this process until you've made all your collaborative group spaces. 
  5. Last, delete your original draft. 
By using this method, you can avoid making all the additional copies in Google Drive. You can forget having to do the tedious steps of creating multiple assignments and attaching the correct copy. Let Google Classroom do the work for you. Work smarter, not harder! 

The video

I have to confess, the video is a little outdated. (I've been a bad blogger.) This version of Google Classroom is the old version, and you can do everything from the web version of Jamboard. No need for the Android app here. The process I explained to quickly make collaborative copies really starts at the 2:43 mark if you are already familiar with creating Jamboards.