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Audio in Google Slides

At last Audio is enabled in Google Slides! For quite some time, I've been training teachers and students to do a workaround with Screencastify  as audio was a significant feature missing from Google Slides. The process worked fairly well as the user would merely make their recording using Screencastify and insert the video from Google Drive (conveniently in the Screencastify folder). After inserting the video, the user could resize the video and make it completely inconspicuous in the corner of the slide. Then using " format options " while the video was selected, the user could set the video to automatically start with the changing of Slides while in present mode. When presenting on this topic, I typically was doing so from the perspective of using Google Slides for the purpose of digital storytelling ( see my slides ). Digital storytelling is a powerful means for communicating learning and expertise on a topic. As a general rule, a digital story should be kept

Lenovo 500E

Life After the Interactive Board If I could choose one word to describe my district's journey with moving away from interactive whiteboards to non-touch displays, it would be adaptability. I posted a long time ago about having life after the interactive board.  The big question that I was tasked with when coming to MSD of Steuben county was if placing such a large sum of money at the front of the classroom is a good investment? What is the return on investment for a teacher to have an expensive interactive board that is primarily used to write on a blank white screen? The entire staff has had to make adaptable their mantra in the transition away from interactive white boards. We've created more focus on student involvement and interactivity in a 1:1 environment rather than the teacher or one student at the front of the classroom.  One exciting thing that happened this year for my teachers that has greatly improved this journey has been the replacement of teacher Ch