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Words with Friends Edu


Words with Friends is a powerful way to make connections with others. For a long time, it has provided a means for me to connect with my father. He and I have a common bond when it comes to word games. (In some ways, it is scary as I often feel like I'm playing against myself.) In my past place of employment, I would play fellow technology coaches and even my superintendent. Words with Friends has lost a little steam in popularity, but I still play with current colleagues. As a technology coordinator, it is important that I spend time with people and making connections. Believe it or not, Words with Friends has helped me accomplish that because the people I play like to discuss our games when I stroll through the hallways.

Great Learning Experience

What a great learning experience Words with Friends has to offer for students. Problem solving, vocabulary, and spelling are all benefits of playing Words with Friends. Long ago I had thought it would be great if students could play each other during downtime in class. It was always a roadblock for the majority of students as being over the age of 13 was a requirement to have an account. Now there is a classroom version that allows the teacher to set up safe connections. Students connect with a class code and are able to initiate games within the members of that class. 

Words with Friends EDU isn't a new thing. It has been around for awhile, but I wanted to provide this resource for teachers so that they know how to get started. So create an account, set up a class, and have your students start playing. Visit:

If you want to see the setup process in advance, check out my video below.