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Visually Appealing Google Forms

Depth of Knowledge

Mr. Bounds, the assistant principal of Angola Middle School, is really challenging his staff to contemplate the types of assessment his teachers administer. By utilizing Webb's Depth of Knowledge, teachers are analyzing the tasks given to students and thinking of ways to increase the rigor to get a more accurate representation of student learning. I'm not attempting to play "buzzword bingo" here, but technology has certainly played a big part in the need to question how to assess students. I've posted in the past in regard to Google Forms that my greatest concern is that questions being asked can be looked up with a simple Google search. Certainly, that doesn't accurately represent the student's knowledge on a subject. 

My colleague had a concern regarding Google Forms. As the contemplate the type of questions, they often require more elements. There aren't a lot of formatting options in Google Forms and sometimes you need that capability in order to differentiate between questions and additional content. Visual cues are especially relevant at the elementary level. To solve this problem, one could use Google Docs, Slides, or Drawings to customize the visual appearance of the content and insert it into the Form.

Google Drawings

Google Drawings provides a great opportunity to enhance the tasks. Charts, call-outs, shapes, text boxes, and word art are just a few elements that can be added. This would allow the user to take screenshots of bits of information or even copy and paste the text directly onto the canvas; allowing for the teacher to make adjustments to the font size and style. Once the teacher is finished with the question, they will need to download the drawing as an image (file>download as>png image>.

Then the teacher merely needs to upload it to the Google Form using the image option in the question like in the image below.

What's in the video?

I recognize that my video is slightly lengthy. It goes beyond my rule of thumb of going beyond five minutes. However, I cover a little more than just using Google Drawings. I give a poor example of inserting text into a Google Form to demonstrate  I also chat about using the screenshot tool built into the Chromebook (alt+shift+R) and also how you can accomplish much of the same using Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast if you are using a PC or Mac. I wrap it up with Google Drawings and much of what you can add into a drawing to enhance your question. Drawings is a fun tool. I use it almost every day.