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Drive Slides

Need a Sideshow?

Thanks to Matt Miller and Alice Keeler, a long missing feature in Google Slides is here. Ever want to create a quick slideshow with all of the pictures from your exciting field trip or special guest speaker in your classroom? Of course, we've all been there. In the past, I've always sent people to YouTube to use their video editor to import your images and create a video. (Click here to see how.) It is a great, free option. If you want it on a Slides presentation so visitors can click through each picture, Drive Slides will save the day. With a single click, Drive Slides will take all the pictures from a Google Drive folder and put them in a brand new Slides presentation.

How to use Drive Slides

What you'll need first to operate Drive Slides is the chrome extension which you can download by clicking here. Any pictures that you desire to be in a slideshow will need to be uploaded to a Google Drive folder. While in the destination folder, click on the Drive Slides extension in your Chrome Browser. Wait a few seconds and a new tab will appear that will load a blank Slides presentation that will gradually insert all the images that are present in that folder. You now have an instant slideshow with all of the images from your fun and eventful day! 

Here are the directions in video format:

If you want your Slides presentation available for parents to view, you have a couple options. One way would be to give a shared link. By doing so, your viewers would be able to see it just as a Google Slides presentation that they cannot edit. If you use the "publish to the web" option, your Slideshow be in presentation mode so that your visitors only see your slides and not all of the editing options.

View the video below to know how to publicly share your Slides presentation.

For Students

Students can also use Drive Slides. They could take pictures to document a project over time. I think instantly of one of my former colleagues that always did a caterpillar project where the students studied and documented the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies. She had them take pictures to document each day. Drive Slides would be handy for building a Slides presentation that would piece all of those images together!

Another great way students could use Drive Slides would be for stop-motion animation. Students could take pictures of real objects (clay, legos, dolls, etc). Just as in claymation, they would do slight movements and snap another picture. All of these items could be pieced together in a Google Slides presentation very quickly by using Drive Slides.