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Streamline Hyperdocs with DocuTube


I love doing presentations on hyperdocs. Laying out learning experiences for students via Google Slides or Google Docs and using it for opportunities to differentiate and/or personalize learning is powerful. I love doing the same thing for teachers so that they can organize their thoughts and collaborate. As I was presenting on hyperdocs this week, we discussed why digital collaboration is valuable to a face-to-face meeting. One of my teachers said, "It is a springboard for the conversation." It creates focus. It creates purpose. I found it to be very profound.

I recently presented on the Indestructible Hyperdoc at the Indiana Google Summit. It is about editing the master in slides to organize and create learning experience for kids that they cannot easily destroy. Let's face it, you don't want kids deleting your questions or links to resources on the templates that you create for them. Using Google Slides resolves that issue. I also was always a big fan of using Slides because you could insert a YouTube video directly on the slide. It is even better now because you can even insert a video from Google Drive (game changer)! Using Google Slides as a hyperdoc provides so many opportunities for you as a teacher to customize the learning experience and also provide unique ways for students to respond.

Why DocuTube?

So with all the options that Google Slides offers, why bother with Google Docs? I still like the layout of a document. I like inserting tables and love how it automatically expands for students as they add their responses. It compacts a collaborative experience. I like utilizing colors within tables to categorize responses, groups, or even questions. (See example here.) The problem was still dealing with video. If you linked a video, it would take the students out of the document and lead them to YouTube. For students, this creates more distraction. For adults that struggle with technology, they don't like to deal with additional tabs. 

DocuTube solves this problem. It is a Google Docs add-on that creates a pop-up within the Doc. Any YouTube videos linked in the doc will appear in that pop-up. It removes the suggested videos off to the side. It removes the need to venture off to YouTube. It removes distractions.