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Google Docs Assigning Tasks

Let's get organized!

For quite some time, Google Docs has been the king of online collaboration spaces. They changed the way we work together. Google Docs has certainly spawned much of the collaborative online spaces that exist today. Even other technology giants have found their hand forced to rethink cloud-based workspaces due to Google's influence.

As a teacher or organizational leader, the tasks built within a Google Doc (Sheets and Slides as well) is fantastic. It allows the user to use the comment feature to highlight specific parts within a collaborative document and assign that highlight directly to an individual. To do this, add a comment (ctrl+alt+m), add a plus sign along with the user's email address. The comment box will suddenly populate with users within your organization and allow you to assign the task to that user. The assigned task will then alert the user via email and provide a checkbox within the document for when the task is completed.

Check it out:

In the classroom

Teachers can use this to guide and direct student group projects. As groups collaborate and build lists of needs to plan and prep their project, the teacher can assign specific tasks to students using the task feature. The teacher will then receive an alert when the task has been marked as completed. This is great for reminders to check in with that group when work time rolls around again. 

Using the assigned tasks feature would be great for students as well. Every group project needs a leader. The leader can assign tasks and receive the feedback to help manage the group. Their partners will know what jobs they need to complete in the grand scheme of the entire project.