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Slide to Slide

Slides as Hyperdocs

Using Google Slides as a hyperdoc is a great way to organize learning experiences for students. Especially if you are using the edit master feature so that you can create templates with "unmovable" objects. "The Indestructible Hyperdoc" is what I title it when I present/train on this topic. The teachers that have attended my workshops have found it to be extremely valuable as they want to create custom learning experiences to differentiate in their blended learning environments. (If you aren't sure what a hyperdoc is, here are all of my posts on the topic

Slides offers some different opportunities for organizing learning over Docs, Forms, or even Google Sites. I built a chart to kind of overview the advantages/purposes of using various Google Apps for hyperdocs. 

File:Google docs.png
Formsisu.jpg ...
  • Great for small/large group collaboration
  • Allows for links, images, and ease of organization
  • Tables work wonders for organization
  • Easily shared and customized
  • Integrated Google Drawings applet
  • Works offline
  • Requires little time to build
  • Requires basic word processing skills
  • Can select items to be movable
  • Can transfer from one slides presentation to another with ease
  • Less distracting space if students are responding on their own slide
  • Great for YouTube video as it is directly embedded into the slide
  • Great for creative responses using images, shapes, and text
  • Better for small group collaboration due to load time
  • Works offline
  • Not collaborative
  • Better for content and immediate student response
  • Students can select answers by selecting image icons the teacher imported
  • Can be automatically graded
  • Requires Internet
  • Very easy to build and reuse
  • Instant graphs and data
  • YouTube integration
  • Teachers can require responses to be completed before submission

Google Slides Import

As teachers are creating hyperdocs via Google Slides, they are realizing it is advantageous to create templates or graphic organizers that can be reused due to the sheer amount of time it takes to build. So as they are creating Venn diagrams or KWL charts, they don't want to have to remake them for every hyperdoc they create. A simple solution is to use the import feature in Google Slides. I highly recommend creating a bank of interactive tools within Slides. Then as you build learning experiences for students you can get your videos/resources linked and directions set to your liking, and finally import some of your templates/graphic organizers you built in the past.