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Google Forms: Choice Eliminator

Google Forms

Forms is a great resource anytime you want to collect information and have it in a convenient location. Use it for quizzes/tests. Use it for survey's. Use it to layout learning experiences for students. Use it to even progress monitor students. The possibilities are endless as it is easily customized and flexible.

The last few months has been great as I've introduced Forms to many of my teachers for the very first time. Quite a few weren't aware of many of the great updates that have taken place within the last year. So the fact that you can now do things like add images in the questions and answer choices has made it seem like a whole new product. Also, teachers can now have the form automatically grade responses without an add-on or sending the data to a spreadsheet. Both new features have certainly been a game changer as I can officially say that a Google form is a resource for all grade levels.


Along with many of said changes has been the location of add-ons. In the past, add-ons were only available in the spreadsheet of the form. Now many add-ons have merged over to the Google Forms platform itself. One great option is the Choice Eliminator 2 add-on. It is simple and easy to use and does exactly as it says. As items are selected and submitted,  they disappear from the form as choices. 

So when is this handy? Let's say you need to organize the need for roles in projects. You can designate how many individuals you need for a role. When those positions are filled, they disappear from the options for the next set of visitors. This concept is also great for scheduling. What if you sent a form out for parents to select a time slot? As parents make their choice, it disappears from the list for the next user. Need supplies for a project? No problem with the Choice Eliminator add-on in Google Forms. Just keep in mind that items will not disappear until the selection has been submitted by a user. The next user would need to refresh to see the updated version. 

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