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Chromebook On-Screen Keyboard

Accommodations Walk into a classroom and a teacher is tasked with meeting a variety of needs. This is no secret, but what may not be as apparent are the options that are available to meet the need. I'm going to quickly offer up three different options that exist in the on-screen keyboard available on the Chromebook.  Voice Typing Don't have a touch enabled screen on your Chromebook? No problem! This first option works with every Chromebook and is a great for students that struggle with typing. Voice typing has been well known within Google Docs , but did you know there is a built-in option for any text field you come across? No extra installations required. The user can dictate complete sentences and pause whenever necessary. The real key is knowing how to activate your on-screen keyboard without access to a touch screen Chromebook. Make sure you check the later half of the following video to find out.  Finger Swiping If your students are using a touch ena

Slide to Slide

Slides as Hyperdocs Using Google Slides as a hyperdoc is a great way to organize learning experiences for students. Especially if you are using the edit master feature so that you can create templates with "unmovable" objects. "The Indestructible Hyperdoc" is what I title it when I present/train on this topic. The teachers that have attended my workshops have found it to be extremely valuable as they want to create custom learning experiences to differentiate in their blended learning environments. (If you aren't sure what a hyperdoc is, here are all of my posts on the topic .  Slides offers some different opportunities for organizing learning over Docs, Forms, or even Google Sites. I built a chart to kind of overview the advantages/purposes of using various Google Apps for hyperdocs.  Docs Slides Forms Great for small/large group collaboration Allows for links, images, and ease of organization Tables work wonders for o

Google Forms: Choice Eliminator

Google Forms Forms is a great resource anytime you want to collect information and have it in a convenient location. Use it for quizzes/tests. Use it for survey's. Use it to layout learning experiences for students. Use it to even progress monitor students. The possibilities are endless as it is easily customized and flexible. The last few months has been great as I've introduced Forms to many of my teachers for the very first time. Quite a few weren't aware of many of the great updates that have taken place within the last year. So the fact that you can now do things like add images in the questions and answer choices has made it seem like a whole new product. Also, teachers can now have the form automatically grade responses without an add-on or sending the data to a spreadsheet. Both new features have certainly been a game changer as I can officially say that a Google form is a resource for all grade levels. Add-Ons Along with many of said changes has