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Teacher Tech Tip: Microphone and Camera Access

Once upon a time...

This post makes me nostalgic of my early days as a technology coach at East Noble School Corporation. We had just adopted iPads as our device of choice to put in the hands of every student. Lots of cool apps were coming out that allowed you to create cool recordings and flashy videos. Whenever a student accessed an app that required microphone or camera access, the iPad would pop up with a box. These boxes caused some panic as students would deny access to their camera or microphone left and right. This brought these fun technology projects to a screeching halt. So I quickly made a video to send out to staff so that they can go into the settings and fix the problem if a student made such mistake. 

Now that I'm in a Chromebook school district (MSD of Steuben County), we are having the same issue. Students don't do it on purpose. When a box pops up on the screen, they aren't actually reading what it has to say. Instead, they take their chances and choose either "allow" or "block" when a website wants to access their camera or microphone.
Please click allow

So if you have a student that is in Google Slides and they can't take a picture with their camera, this might be why. If your student cannot voice type in Google Docs, they may have clicked on block when the white box appears. The following video demonstrates how to resolve the issue.