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Custom Color with Colorzilla

What is Colorzilla?

To put it simply, Colorzilla lets you select colors from images or any website so that you can match the exact color. Well...not necessarily does it let you select the color, but it allows you to select the hex code necessary to match a color. Not sure what I mean? Look at my banner above. Notice how the colors of the text match the colors emitting from Godzilla's mouth and back. Colorzilla is digital eyedropper that allows you to grab any color on your display so that you can match it accurately. 

I love using Google Slides and Google Drawings. I use at least one of the two on a daily basis. Those that know me best are aware that I'm not satisfied with prepackaged themes. I prefer to customize and display information to my liking. Colorzilla works perfectly with the Google suite of apps as Colorzilla automatically copies the hexcode to your clipboard when you capture a color from your display. You can then easily select a custom color in Google Slides or Drawings where you can paste it in. 

Classroom Application

As an advocate for creative uses of technology, Colorzilla is a natural fit for students. Any time they want to express their learning utilizing the digital tools available to them, they will want to match colors precisely to images or clip-art they import. This is applicable to any presentation, poster, advertisement, or report they create. This is also applicable to you as the teacher as you build templates with color coded boxes or shapes. You can be sure that you will match colors exactly by using Colorzilla.