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Google Classroom: Handwrite Feedback

A Little Something for Your iPad

This year is the first time that the Metropolitan School District of Steuben County is going to be a full Chromebook 1:1 technology district. In the past, we had a combination of iPads and Chromebooks. As our fleet of iPads have aged, we've come to the point that we were ready to make a switch. So what do we do with all of our old iPads? Put one in the hands of all our teachers. 

For many of our teachers, this is the first experience they have had with an iPad in a classroom setting. So the question I'm getting is how can a single iPad be beneficial to a classroom? I have a few ideas listed on a previous post in April of 2016. If you'd like to see it, click here. One item that is not on that list is the new launch in the Google Classroom app for Android and iOS devices. Users can now give handwritten feedback on assignments. 

Why Give Feedback on an iPad?

Do you prefer handwriting over typing? Do you like to quickly mark a page with your red pen and move on to the next assignment? The new feedback feature in the Google Classroom app for iPad might be your answer. When students turn in their Google Docs assignment, the app creates a PDF copy of the existing doc and allows you to mark on the copy. The teacher can assign the grade and move on to the next student. This is great as the original document is never disrupted. The student merely has a PDF copy of the teacher's remarks. 

I recommend every teacher at least try it once. See if it is a time efficient way for you to give feedback to your students. View my video below and download the iPad app (click here) to get started.