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Google Classroom Guardian Summaries

Guardian Summaries are Here!

I'm very excited about the opportunity to connect family members with Google Classroom. It has been a major piece missing since Classroom debuted. Parents were reliant on students to open their classroom and decipher the information teachers put in there. To a person that has never seen/used Classroom, it could seem pretty overwhelming. If you look at the example above, you can see that Guardian Summaries will provide an overview of all classroom activity.

With Guardian Summaries, caretakers can choose to get a daily or weekly summary of their child's classes. It arrives in their email so no account setup/password is required. Teachers merely attach a guardian's email address to the students and an alert will be sent to them to confirm the address. Once the parent is attached to a student, other classes will automatically add the same email address. 

Not so Fast!

This is not yet available for teachers in MSD of Steuben County. The tech director, Chantell Manahan, and myself decided that it would be best to inform parents first before they start receiving email requests to connect to their child through Google Classroom. We will first develop a plan of action for informing parents and then open the opportunity to launch to parents. We have the ability to turn Guardian Summaries on at any time. 

Getting Started

In the following video, I demonstrate how to get started with Guardian Summaries. Please keep in mind that you do not want to automatically launch it for every class. If you do, every single classroom will have Guardian Summaries running. Many teachers utilize Google Classroom as a collaborative space for students to work in groups. Some small group activities probably do not require a summary for parents. 

Guardian Tutorial

I put together a video showing parents what to expect when Guardian Summaries is launched in my school district. I attempted to make it as general as possible in case other school districts would like to utilize it. I hope you find it to be helpful.