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Google Cast for Education

What Teachers Need...

Eight years ago I was still teaching fourth grade and was getting a brand new building. I remember how excited I was because of how amazing it would be that I would have a projector that I didn't have to share with other teachers and wheel in on a cart. I was even more surprised when we were going to receive a tablet PC that would work completely wire-free. It completely changed my style of teaching:
  1. I no longer taught with my back turned to the board. 
  2. I experienced less interruption because I could better locate myself in proximity to a student that needed to refocus. (I rarely had to stop a lesson because I had my laptop in my hands.) 
  3. I could pull up an unlimited amount of content at any moment. 
For the last couple years, Apple TV has given iPad teachers the same experiences I had several years ago. Now that all of my teachers are going to be utilizing Chromebooks in the classroom, what options do teachers have? 

What is Google Cast for Education?

In June of 2016, Google announced the launch of Google Cast for Education. It allows teachers to make their Chrome device a place for students to cast their presentations, Chrome tabs, or entire desktops. The teacher merely needs to download the Chrome App and launch it. The teacher will need to grant either request or presentation access to the students. This can be accomplished through Google Classroom or by individually selecting students by their email address. Teachers can also cast to their device via another Chrome device. 

Google Cast is not a seamless process as of yet. I've found it to be buggy from time to time. I do see a lot of potential for the future of Chrome devices. I foresee students being able to cast their presentations and screens anytime they want to share their learning experiences straight from their own Chromebook. I foresee teachers being able to travel around the classroom while teaching with fewer disruptions. I'm excited for the possibilities it may hold. 

See It in Action

Feel free to check out my video of the process. I go through the launch of the app and a student device connecting to Google Cast for Education. I also demonstrate how to connect a presentation, tab, and the entire desktop of the student device. I hope you find this video to be a valuable resource. 


  1. Sounds pretty cool to me; Google Cast for Education is a valuable step of Google without fail. As a teacher, I love teaching my students through the use of technologies as much as possible. In fact, the students never get bored if they learn through visualization and fun. All the learning theories are also completed on time without getting bored. Thank you so much for this valuable information.


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