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Google Classroom Guide

Chromebooks Required

Throughout this summer, I kicked off a training series for my staff that I titled "Chromebooks Required." Mainly because we are shifting completely to the Chromebook for students vs. a mix of devices. We are excited for this focus on all that Google has to offer our students. There certainly be some growing pains as many of our teachers transfer technology integration from the iPad to the Chromebook. 

Part of my training has been on the topic of Google Classroom. It has been a basic orientation of how to connect students as well as how to utilize the various methods of communication as well as how to utilize other tools to enhance the experience with Google Classroom (Share to classroom, Doc Hub, Orange Slice Rubric, etc.) Google Classroom is much more than an assignment creator. I also have been holding training sessions on the topic of hyperdocs which is much more about lesson format and how to more efficiently create learning experiences via Google Docs and Classroom. Providing organized learning experiences can streamline the process for students so that there is less focus on problem solving on the device and more time for learning the content and collaborative response. Overall, teachers have walked away better equipped on how to efficiently and effectively distribute and receive learning content. 

Google Classroom Guide

Creating a traditional Google Slides presentation to teach Google Classroom is a painful process. It works much better to work straight from Google Classroom and just demonstrate on the aspects while having teachers try it simultaneously. I created a slides presentation anyway, but it is not in the traditional sense. It is an interactive presentation so that users can pinpoint and find the specific resource they need. You'll notice that there is a picture of my Bitmoji face that will take you back to the menu of options. It is designed that way so that you can quickly navigate. I hope you don't find it disturbing. :) I especially hope you find this resource helpful. 


Google changes their products often. If you notice that my content it outdated, please feel free to let me know. I'd be happy to get the new material updated as soon as possible. 


  1. I love your slide presentation. We have been asked to do a training at my elementary school in Bentonville, AR. Do you mind if I show them your slides?

  2. May I use your presentation as part of an Introduction to Google Classroom?
    I thought you did a great job explaining things.
    Chrissy Hallwachs, Bentonville, Arkansas.


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