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Podcast Hosting Template

The background story Not long after I created a post about creating podcasts with Soundtrap , middle school teacher, Steve Lantz, approached me asking for a way for students to not only create podcasts, but have a place to host them. I began building this template as a way to jump start a podcast project in any classroom. I wanted it to be a smooth an convenient way for students and teachers to participate without the hassle of starting from scratch. I hope it does just that. Why podcast in the classroom? Podcasts have been around for quite sometime, and is still a very relevant medium for communication today. Students can record their voice and add background music/audio about any subject. It could be as simple as publishing a writing project, telling about the learning in class, or interviewing real/fictional people. The idea behind a podcast is that the students really focus on their words and how they communicate. Students need to plan their radio broadcasts carefully