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Teacher Tech Tip - Ctrl + F

"Seek and ye shall find..."

Scanning for specific pieces of information in a website can be very frustrating and tedious. Take out the stress by using ctrl + f. When looking for information, hit ctrl + f in your Chrome browser to pull up a search box. This tool will then highlight and created a clickable list wherever that exact combination of letters exists. This allows for quick identification of key terms or phrases. 

From a teacher's perspective, this is especially handy when you are discussing an online text. Instead of scanning through the entire website for a key point or term that you want to chat about with the students, use ctrl + f to quickly jump to your needed text. Teachers could have students do the same thing when looking for important points and directing their attention to them. 

Forms and Sheets

I actually use this keyboard command on a daily basis. I use Google Forms to keep track of conversations and other various helps I provide for teachers. I use this find feature to quickly find names in my lists of teachers since I work with all of the staff at MSD of Steuben County. It also works in Google Sheets if I need to find a listing of activity related to a specific app or website. In my video below, I demonstrate the use of the shortcut in Forms and Sheets. I also demonstrate that you can find and replace data in Google Sheets with this feature. No extra formula or add-on necessary. 


One of the interesting topics (maybe not that interesting) is the issue of the children's online privacy protection. I frequently check websites and tools to see if students under the age of 13 can legally participate. I use ctrl + f to check terms of service and privacy polices for the key terms: 13, 18, minor, parent, and permission. This helps me make quicker decisions on whether or not to recommend a site as it takes me directly to the locations in those documents where it discusses the issues of children utilizing a tool on the Internet. If I'm still uncertain after those key terms, I sift through the documents more thoroughly. Most of the time, using ctrl + f helps me find exactly what I need. 


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