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Teacher Tech Tip - Controlling Collaborative Hyperdocs

Hyperdocs rock!

The true advantage of Google Apps for Education is the use of real-time collaborative documents, but how often is it really used? I frequently hear about the horror stories of when a teacher allows all students to edit a document simultaneously as they fight for position. This frustration is why many teachers abandon the use of whole class collaborative documents. This creates the need for a hyperdoc. It creates learning space. Space for students to gain access to materials. Space for students to respond. Space for students to collaborate. For collaboration in the classroom, a hyperdoc is a necessity. 

So let's say you start up a collaborative brainstorming activity. At some point in time it is really handy to turn off access so that the items listed can be kept and discussed verbally. The process is simple if you share a document through Google Classroom with "can edit" access. The document is not shared with the entire class. It is actually shared with a group name representing your classroom. Edit access can instantly turned off by clicking share and changing your Google Classroom group to "can view" or "can comment" so that students can semi-interact with it.

Check out the process in my teacher tech tip

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