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Booktrack Classroom

Amplify your writing!

Booktrack Classroom is an awesome resource that lends students a couple of opportunities. First, it has free books available to read with a soundtrack assigned to it. Students can put their headphones on and become absorbed into the text through the audio playing in the background. Second, students can publish their own writing and add their own soundtrack to it. What a great opportunity to create a quality published piece along with sound effects and music.

Creating classes

Teachers can create their account with students connected to it. All the teacher needs to do is create a class and give students the class code. This is much like setting up a Google Classroom class. Then the teacher can see any booktracks created by students by accessing the bookshelf. The bookshelf will also contain texts that are built into Booktrack Classroom for free, but the items can be filtered so that the teacher can see only members of his/her class. From there, teachers can share booktracks directly to his/her Google Classroom account as the API for share to classroom is built into the site. Sharing examples to Classroom is a great way to celebrate exemplars and set expectations for work. 

Make a booktrack

Booktracks are fun to make as you can highlight sections of text and add soundtracks or sound effects to the text. This allows the author to enhance the message they were attempting to convey to the reader. I have an example video of how to get started creating a booktrack. However, you will not get the full experience as I had very little text written down in my test run. If you are wanting to hear a better example, create an account and try Snow White.