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Teacher Tech Tip - Gmail Search Options

Get Your Search On!

It was just last week that I had a colleague that was disgruntled about Gmail. He claimed it was just too disorganized to sort through emails. If you had an email that got buried under days and days worth of email, it was difficult to recover. If you search for someone's email address in the search bar, it comes up with every email that they've sent, you've sent, and the emails in which you were both a part of a group email. Refining your search was not very user friendly. 

In that little hidden drop-down arrow beside the magnifying glass in your Gmail is list of search refining tools. You can search senders, emails you've sent, folders, according to date, or even if it has attachments. Not sure who sent the email but remember the contents of the message? Try using the 'has the words' option to dig through the actual contents of the email. You can refine it even more if you remember the time span when the message was set.  Either way, refining your search is super simple with the search options. 

Watch my video and refine the way you search!