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Teacher Tech Tip - Calendar Hangout

Let's Hangout!

This week's Teacher Tech Tip is dedicated to simplifying the Google Hangout. Many teachers are utilizing this fantastic tool to bridge the distance between colleagues and members of their personal learning network. Getting a number of individuals to participate at the same time can be a bit cumbersome. Who is supposed to initiate the Hangout session? Who has the list of individuals that plan on participating? How can you quickly contact everyone if there is an issue? Using Google Calendar in conjunction with Google Hangouts solves all of those issues. 

Whenever you create a calendar event, you can enable a scheduled video Hangout. The scheduler can also invite their colleagues to the event and it will prompt them to indicate whether or not they would like to attend. The entire list resides right there in the details of the event. If someone needs to contact the whole group, you can email the entire participant list with any questions, concerns, or materials necessary for the meeting. Lastly, participating in the Hangout is a breeze! The ability to join the video call is right there saved in the event. Just click to join!