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Podcasts for everyone!

Podcasting is an awesome way for students to fine-tune their oral delivery of their learning. I love doing screencasts and presentations in front of the class, but students truly focus on the delivery when all they have to work with is their voice. Students can create a radio broadcast on any topic; what a fun way to do so with the mixture of music and voice.

Not long ago I posted about using to create podcasts on a Chromebook. It is a great tool and several teachers have grabbed hold of the concept. However, users under the age of 13 are not permitted to use it with personal accounts. Schools will need to purchase the educational version for students under 13 to participate. 

Never is here! 

With, students can create a free account and create their own podcasts. Students can go to the login screen and use their Google Apps for Education account immediately. Don't want students to log into the site? No problem. Students can actually use Soundation without an account. The tool is fully functional, but their progress won't be saved unless they create an account. 

Need an overview to get started?

I made an overview on the basics of using Soundation for the purpose of making a podcast. Soundation has more of a purpose for mixing audio and creating your own music. It still works very well for creating your very own podcasts. I apologize for the length of the video as I also demonstrate how to attain audio from YouTube's Audio Library. Students should avoid uploading the favorite songs that are currently on the radio. Those songs are under copyright. YouTube's Audio Library contains royalty free music that you can utilize and mix without penalty. 

Have Google Hangouts?

For students 13 and older, schools can make Google Hangouts available. Not sure you want students using Google Hangouts? Schools can even limit access to Google Hangouts by only allows users to contact individuals within their school domain? This means that they could only contact faculty and students through their education account. 

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Why do I bring up Google Hangouts? Students can actually collaborate on an audio track or podcast via Google Hangouts. That means they could work together on creating a song or Podcast without have to meet in a specific location. 

What should they podcast about?

  • Replace traditional presentations (Slides and Powerpoint) with podcasts
  • Interview characters in a story or historical people
  • Recreate a news broadcast for important events in history
  • Report about scientific discoveries
  • Perform poetry or creative writing projects written in a document
  • Perform a favorite part of a book
  • Interview classmates to report their learning on any topic


  1. I got a soundnation subscription and this website is NOT fit for podcasts. Now I am out the money I spent on the subscription due to the website not giving users enough storage space WITH a subscription for even a 20 minute recording. It's rediculous. This article should be taken down. I emailed, they stated that it wasn't working and they responded that their platform doesn't support podcasts or issue refunds.


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