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Multiple Choice Classroom Questions

Why a multiple choice question?

The question feature in Google Classroom now provides the opportunity to ask a single multiple choice question. I'm not a fan of using multiple choice questions for assessment. I question the accuracy at which they measure learning. I am, however, a huge fan of polling an audience to lead a discussion. This works especially well in the Google Classroom environment as a user can add a video, document, or link to a website along with the question. This would allow the teacher to gather quick data on thoughts and feelings on the subject matter. For this reason, I see a lot of value in the multiple choice option. 

Another option would be for a super quick exit slip. I believe the original short-answer question was a better fit for an accurate read of student learning, but if you needed a quick data set for tomorrow's lesson, the single multiple choice question would work. 

See it in action

I attempted to make a quick video on the subject, but it ended up going longer as I wanted to show it from the student perspective as well. I hope you find it helpful.

Practical daily applications

There are also ways you could use the multiple choice feature on a regular basis throughout the day. It wouldn't have to be completely academic. 
  • Daily lunch choices
  • Poll recess activities
  • Current event opinions
  • Next class read aloud
  • Predictions or thoughts within a class read aloud
  • Groupings/roles for class projects
  • Differentiation based upon interest
  • Survey the class mood/attitude
  • Brain teasers