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Five Cool Things Teachers Can Do with an iPad

From iPads to Chromebooks...

Next year will be a transition year for my kindergarten through second-grade teachers. We are officially in the phase of transitioning away from iPads in a 1:1 setting. This is quite a transition for me as well as the last four years of my career has been dedicated to the integration of iOS devices and helping/training teachers to do just that. 

Our device of choice for kindergarten through second grade will be the Asus Chromebook Flip. The main reason being that it has a touch screen. I am a firm believer that young students will need the touch enabled device in order to efficiently and effectively utilize technology in a 1:1 setting. It will be an exciting year! To help get my teachers geared up for next year, I created a little promotional video. 

What to do with all those iPads...

Suddenly we have an abundance of second generation iPads on our hands. Most of them we will be turning in as collateral for repairs on our existing Chromebook fleet. As for the rest of them, we will be giving out so that every teacher can have an iPad. This leads to the question: what can a teacher do with a single iPad? 

Five cool things teachers can do with an iPad

1. YouTube Capture - Take video, trim, combine, add music, and upload directly to your YouTube Channel.
2. Google Photos - Quickly create albums of videos and images to share with your class or the community.
3. Google Classroom - Upload images directly into assignments in Google Classroom.
4. Twitter - Share the learning happening through Twitter. Take images or video directly from the app.
5. Google Slides - Insert images from your iPad directly into your presentations. No need to upload elsewhere! 

Watch this video for more details: