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Teacher Tech Tip - Gmail Priority Inbox

What's a Teacher Tech Tip?

I decided to start a new series dedicated to quick technology tips that teachers should know. The idea is that it will somehow streamline and simplify the life of a teacher. The idea came to fruition due to a saying one of my dear former colleagues (Angie Sibert of North Side Elementary) used to say to me every time I showed her a little trick on her device. Angie would always say, "After a few minutes with you, you've changed my whole life!" 

Every week, I will push out a technology tip that will help to improve your work environment with technology. I promise that it will only take you five minutes or less to view. I would also like for teachers to submit their techie tips. I'd be happy to edit and publish them for you. Feel free to send a message my way if you want to submit a teacher tech tip!

Gmail Priority Inbox

Just using the Inbox in Gmail is messy. It is hard to keep track of items. You read emails get all mixed in with other emails. What in the world is that star for anyway? With the priority inbox, you can better organize and mark email. You can create your own custom inboxes. Check it out!