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Musical Google Slides

Can you add music to Google Slides?

This is a common question I receive from individuals that prefer Microsoft Office over Google. The simple answer None of the Google Apps products are as robust as their Microsoft counterparts. They aren't intended to be either. When using Google Apps, collaboration is king. If an educator really wants to make the most of the Google line-up, fancy transitions and additional features will not be found here. Take advantage of the fact that students can work on a project simultaneously. 

This topic all came about because one of my teachers had created a Slides presentation with text and images for an event after school. They merely wanted the information posted in slideshow format so that music could play in the background. I needed to find an alternative option quickly because the event was the very next evening! 

Need a photo slideshow? 

Something to consider is that Google Slides is not necessarily intended to be a photo slideshow. So with that said, there are plenty of alternatives out there if you want to accomplish such a task. Recently, I posted how you can use YouTube to create photo slideshows. However, users under the age of 13 cannot legally use YouTube to create a slideshow. So what can they use? With parent permission, minors are allowed to utilize (See terms of service here.) It is easy to use and can quickly jazz up any user's Slides presentation.

If you are wanting to utilize the information from a Google Slides presentation, users can simply download each slide as an image file. Then all the slides can be uploaded into along with a fancy theme and music. If you are wanting your own custom audio, users could use a tool such a Soundtrap to record their voice along with a musical background.

Here's how to get started:

Alternatives to

There are a lot of different options to creating photo slideshows. The entire process is the same as my video on using Users will first need to download each slide as an image and upload them to the desired destination. Here are some other options (along with their terms of service linked):