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Virtual Learning Chromebook Edition

Teacher Training Time!

Earlier in the month of January, much time was dedicated to training MSD of Steuben County's kindergarten through second-grade teachers on how to provide quality virtual learning experiences for students using iOS devices. Last week, I had the pleasure of working with third through fifth-grade teachers on their Chromebooks. Much of this training was due to this being the first year these teachers have had these devices (iPads or Chromebooks). With the extra time spent and energy focused on this group, I'm confident that MSD of Steuben will provide virtual learning days that are of great quality and meaningful.

All my resources are posted in the slideshow presentation below. Here I go into detail and provide links to video resources on how to utilize Screencastify, make items available offline on a Chromebook from Google Classroom, and utilizing "hyperdocs" to organize lessons. Overall, these training days were a great success as staff walked away with everyday technology integration ideas as well. 

Virtual Learning Lesson

After training staff, I had the opportunity to visit a few classrooms to prepare them for a virtual learning day. In these lessons, I showed students how to access their content from Google Classroom and find it in their "files app" on their Chromebook. These items can then be set as "available offline" so no Internet is required for them when they take their device home. Then as they watch videos and type responses on Google Docs (sheets, drawings, or slides), the students can just click on the "turn in" button in Google Classroom upon returning to school. 

Below, I have a playlist of three videos. You can see what videos are available by clicking on the three lines on the top left of the video box. The first video is my lesson with students on how to set learning materials for offline use on the Chromebook. The second is the actual lesson that they tried on comparing fractions. The third video covers when the students return to school and turn in their items in Google Classroom. If you would like a copy of the Slides the students worked on, download it here

Student Offline Access

If you want video directions on how students need to enable the "available offline" option on the Chromebook, feel free to use the video below. It goes through the steps of opening the videos or PDF files from Google Classroom, visiting the "files app" on the Chromebook and making them available offline.