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Preparing iPads for Virtual Learning

Recently I posted about preparing elementary teachers for virtual learning. (For more information, here is the link to that post.) The teachers have much to contemplate as they prepare for their first round of virtual learning on February 19th. They are building lessons, making videos, and attempting to sort out all the logistics of the students taking their devices and completing a school day from home. 

Preparing iPads

The tool we are using to prepare iPads for virtual learning is Google Drive. The reason being that students can access digital materials offline through the Google Drive app. So whether a teacher supplies a video, image, or document, the students can access it offline. 

Teachers start by having a shared folder in Google Drive. The students only have view access to this folder so that they cannot change or delete the shared learning content. To get iPads ready, I would highly recommend having students start off by making the shared folder part of their Google Drive. It makes finding the shared folder much easier in the long run. To help teachers and students know exactly how to take this step, I created a quick slideshow. 

Practice Virtual Learning Lesson

To help prepare students for virtual learning, it is a good idea to do some practice lessons so that students are aware of the location of their learning materials. It is also good for them to get in the routine of watching a video and following the directions that are listed within it. I recently had the opportunity to visit first grade at Ryan Park Elementary. To help spread the word, I had Mrs. Moor video me working with first graders on how to "pin" their items in Google Drive so that they are accessible offline. After I finish explaining the process, the students headed back to their seats to try the video lesson that I shared with them. 

Action Verbs

In case you're wondering what the video lesson was like, I will post my short lesson on action verbs below. To make it, I used Google Slides and recorded it with Screencastify. To add music, I used the editor available in Youtube. If you want a copy of it, I'd be happy to send it to you. Feel free to email me or a direct message from Twitter.