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Boomerang for Gmail

What is Boomerang? 

Boomerang for Gmail adds some pretty cool features to your Gmail account. When you install Boomerang, you'll instantly notice that you have an additional send option when you go to compose a new email. In this post, I'll cover a couple options you have with using Boomerang for Gmail. The first covers receiving confirmation emails. The second covers how to schedule emails or create recurring emails. 

Confirmation Emails

Have you ever wanted to know whether or not someone has opened your email? With Boomerang, you can select the span of time someone has to open your email. You can then get a confirmation email letting you know when the message had been opened. You can even have it send you a response regardless of how someone responds to your email. This is a great way to remind yourself of a conversation that you initiated and will require followup. To do this, check mark the box below your typical send box, set your time and parameters, and send your email. 

 Scheduling Emails

Boomerang is also handy if you want to be able to schedule an email or create a recurring message. I recently had a teacher ask about a recurring email message. She wanted the same document sent to a group of parents for several weeks so that they had a continuous reminder that it was there for them to access. That way she could better keep parents informed of the resource being provided.

Another way scheduling would be handy is if you need to send an email to parents or staff members, but need it to be sent a specific time. This is nice if you know you will be short on time or do not want to rely on your memory to get the message sent out.