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Youtube Photo Slideshows

Youtube has Photo Slideshows? 

If you've ever uploaded a video into Youtube. You may have noticed a lineup of  tools available on the bottom-right corner of your screen. I've utilized the Youtube Video Editor numerous times. It happens to be my favorite for cutting video on a Chromebook. I've also used the Photo Slideshow on numerous occasions as it provides a super simple way to create a slideshow to post on your blog or website. (See post from June, 2014)
Editing Tools in Youtube
This week Kristin Sine, principal of Hendry Park Elementary, wanted to create an Animoto slideshow for the school board meeting that she was hosting. After she was all finished, she realized that the free version placed an Animoto watermark over her slideshow. So I offered her the Photo Slideshow option in Youtube that I'd used in the past. As it turns out, there was an Advanced Editor that I didn't even know about! I just happened to notice it as she was was weighing her options between Animoto and the basic Photo Slideshow option in Youtube. 

Why the Advanced Editor?

With the Advanced Editor, you can add transitions, text, adjust slide times, and use royalty free music. It has much to offer and is fairly simple to use. Just like any tool, there is a learning curve, but I'm sure within a few minutes you'll have this one down pat. 

There is a drawback that I've come across. (As of 11/20/2015.) Your projects don't appear to save so that you can comeback and work on it later. As I've worked on a project and named it, I've noticed that it does not appear in my projects list if I come back later. You'll need to create your entire project and process the video when you are done so that you do not lose your video. 


I have five separate videos going through the steps of using the Advanced Editor in Youtube in the playlist embedded here. I broke up the entire process so that you do not have to sort through a really long video on how to upload your photos, insert items, and process it. You can see all the videos in the list by selecting the three lines with an arrow pointing on the top-left corner of the video below. 


Here is the fun and exciting example that was created for the MSD of Steuben County board meeting. Mrs. Sine did a fantastic job as this was her very first experience using the Youtube Photo Slideshow creator.