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Seesaw Presidential Election

Allison Miller's Kindergarten was featured in my last post about utilizing Seesaw in the kindergarten classroom. I posted it to demonstrate Seesaw in action so that teachers could develop ideas for the implementation of this tool. Seesaw is an amazing opportunity for all learners, but it especially caters nicely to the needs of primary students with being icon based and simplistic. The simplicity does not diminish from the power it holds as students can quickly document/record their learning and communicate it to either the teacher or the entire class. In the past, I had used Google Drive in a similar manner to increase idea sharing and the excitement for learning. The opportunities Seesaw holds for primary students trumps my previous experiences with Google Drive. 

Last week, Mrs. Miller was ecstatic about what her kids were doing with Seesaw. To demonstrate their knowledge of the Indiana kindergarten standards K.2.2, students created a mock election for a stuffed animal. (No insult to our government intended.) Here the students were to create a reason why voters should select their candidate, take a picture and record their voice with the image in Seesaw. 

Check Out This Presidential Candidate Example

Seesaw happens to work well for the voting process as well. Students were to "like" a classmate's post. The likes were considered a vote so the animal with the most likes was the winner of the election! Not all of the recordings were up this quality, but the students are gradually learning how to effectively communicate their thinking with Seesaw.

What cool ideas do you have for Seesaw? Share them here in the comments area.