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Google Forms has a New Look

Google Forms has a New Look?

If you haven't noticed in your Google Drive, you might be prompted to try the "new" Google Forms. I made a quick overview of how to navigate around the new forms (see video below). For the most part, the functions are the same, but they merely redesigned it and controls are in different places. 

The Prompt in Google Forms

Overall, the new look is very sleek and smooth in design. I like how they separate the question choices from the other input types (images, videos, page breaks). I also noticed that you can create a prefilled form link so that entries are automatically selected. All of these features are outlined in my tutorial. 

The new summary reports are built right within the form so that the owner can quickly see response data. The old forms had this, but the new graph data is much more accessible and easy to read. 

Responses are Easy to Find


Feel free to try out the new Google Forms, but if you'd rather just see a glimpse of where things are, watch my video. You still have the option of going back to the old version of Google Forms. On the bottom-left corner of the screen, you'll notice a silhouette of a person walking. That will take you back to the old version if you decide not to continue using it. How long you will still have that option is the big question.