Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chapter Four: How to Implement the Flipped Classroom

Chapter four delves into the nuts and bolts of flipping the classroom. First, the authors cover some of the equipment needs of the flipped classroom as well as the whole process of making a video. Most of these issues are actually questions that the MSD of Steuben County staff have addressed. Since we had a training day on utilizing video to leverage learning in September, many teachers are already using Screencastify to create videos and distribute them through Google Classroom, Google Drive, or Seesaw. If this chapter spurns some further questions, I can address those here. Feel free to ask. 

The rest of the chapter covers making videos interesting and also the suggestion that flipping the classroom will buy you time once it is set up. Select one or both of the following questions: 
  1. In what ways do you want to attempt to "make videos your students will love?"

  2. Do you envision that flipping will save you class time? How do you see yourself using this hypothetical time?