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Build with Chrome

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Why Build with Chrome?

Looking for a fun way to incorporate building with Legos in your lessons? Try Build with Chrome as students can make creations with virtual Legos. What can be finer than kids making cool models or demonstrations of their learning with all the quietness of doing so on your class set of Chromebooks? It reminds me of my days starting out with 1:1 iPads when my teachers first discovered the geoboard app by Math Learning Center. Teachers were more excited about the fewer issues with the distraction of flipping rubberbands across the room rather than the functionality itself. Build with Chrome allows kids to build without all the distractions of kids rifling through Legos and is much more cost effective if you have a class set of Chrome enabled devices.

Sharing Your Legos

What's also exciting is the ability to share your creations. When students sign into their Google account, they can share their creations on a map of the world. Users can view creations by other users around the world, and share their own. Want to make it even more exciting? Try having the students give a tour of their creation as it relates to their learning with screencasting tools likes Screencastify or Nimbus. Having this recording could take the place of a traditional presentation as the students could create a model of a location in history, fictional text they are reading about, or any topic where students can create a graphical representation. 


Want an overview of how it works? Check out my video tutorial below to get a feel for the workflow in how to use Build with Chrome. 

Using Google Classroom?

After you make you creation, grab the link once it is published. Students can then turn in their work via a link in Google Classroom. Below is a quick video of how students can do just that. 


  1. Thank you for the great videos! Sweet tech Ninja move showing the inset video of you using the touch pad options. :)
    I am a second grade teacher in Ohio, teaching a virtual legos class for 6-10 year old this summer and I plan to show your video to get them started.

    1. I love Build with Chrome. The problem is that there isn't a save option. It has been out for a few years now and they still haven't implemented the option to save your progress. Seems a little silly since you have to use a sign-in to use it.


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