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Push to Students with the Share to Classroom Chrome Extension

Share to Classroom Chrome Extension

Why Push to Students?

Google Classroom already provided an awesome opportunity for teachers to share content with students and students to share work. However, much of it still required quite a bit of clicking. With the Share to Classroom Chrome Extension the teacher can have a website instantly pop up on the entire fleet of Chromebooks. It requires no clicking on the part of the students and very little time at all for the teacher. Here is the push feature in the Share to Classroom Chrome extension:

Please keep in mind that the students must have the chrome extension for the push feature to work. It also only works on a Chromebook, PC, or Mac running Google Chrome. 

Classroom Application

Students also have the ability to push items to the teacher's device. It doesn't pop up automatically on the teacher's screen, but goes into a queue within the teacher's Share to Classroom extension. The teacher can open the queue, view the titles of web resources pushed, and who pushed them. The teacher could then click on those links and push them out to the entire class. I envision this to be a great way to have students collect resources on a topic for the teacher to review. In a sense, the students could do all the resource searching for the teacher, and the teacher can look at those items and decide if it is worthy of the class' time. 

Other Features

If you have never used the Share to Classroom extension, you also have the ability to share a resource directly to an announcement or an assignment. Using the extension can save you time as you quickly have a drop-down menu to input the information for the assignment or announcement. After you finish posting, you also have a convenient "view" button so that you can quickly access your classroom page. 




  1. does the teacher also need to have the extension installed?

    1. Yes, both the teacher and the student need the Chrome extension.

  2. can I cancel a 'push to ' ?

    1. I don't believe so. I think once you send it, the push appears on their devices.


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