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MSDSC "Nerd Herd"


Whether or not we as teachers like to admit it, it is nice to be recognized for working hard and finding success in new things. A lot of times, those ideas or tools we are implementing stay within the walls of our collaboration meetings with grade level partners. I got the idea of doing a MSDSC "Nerd Herd" from Amy Neal at DeKalb Central. She has a different name for it, but she has her teaching staff recognize each other for the accomplishments of being innovative with technology or even just "stepping out of your comfort zone" by trying something new with technology integration. I liked this idea because often times I do not know about the exciting things happening in classrooms. By having peers nominate each other for the MSDSC Nerd Herd, all staff can benefit. A teacher at Angola High School may be trying some things that an Angola Middle School teacher would want to know about. Using the Nerd Herd nomination can get those conversations going. 

How to Participate

Who to Nominate

Nominations are not reserved for those teachers and staff that are considered "techie". If a teacher is attempting to use a digital tool and finds success, please nominate them. It will only take a few moments of your time. Who knows, you might just make someone's day! 


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