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Google Classroom and Dochub Update

In August, I posted about using Dochub with Google Classroom. With it, students on Chromebooks can type, write, and highlight over the top of a PDF document. This is especially handy if you have a document you want students to write on, but not change the original integrity of it.

Since then, updates have been made to classroom and the workflow is slightly different than it was previously. I created a couple videos for the purpose of launching Dochub in an elementary classroom. With these videos, you can see how to install the add-on in Google Drive as well as use it to manipulate a document from Google Classroom. 

Download Dochub

Dochub and Google Classroom

Classroom Implementation Thought

One issue that teachers have is if it is a document that students will utilize over a period of time beyond a day. Documents save automatically in Dochub. If a student needs to access and manipulate a document again, they do not need to access the document from classroom a second time. They actually can access it from the Dochub app from their Chrome apps and continue working. Once it is completed, they can submit it to Google Classroom. 


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