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VoiceNote II

Image from Chrome Web Store

At MSD of Steuben County schools, the elementary teachers are going through quite a transition as third through fifth grade teachers are moving from iPads to Chromebooks, and my Kindergarten through second grade teachers are getting devices (iPads 1:1) for the first time. Due to this change, I often get questions about tools that worked on the iPad and compatibility on the Chromebook. Today was one of those days as a teacher was asking for a substitute for Dragon Dictation so that students could speak their writing instead of type. VoiceNote II is the tool that I came across in the Chrome Web Store.

This Chrome app is easy to use as it accurately dictates your speech. When recording, I found it to be helpful to press on the microphone for pausing between sentences to collect my thoughts and/or decrease mistakes. Also, the user can correct mistakes one sentence at a time as they dictate instead of going through the entire set of text later. If you keep the microphone running, VoiceNote II will continue listening and will attempt to dictate anything said (as what happened to me in my video demonstration). After students dictate their sentences, the student can then download the text as a text file or they could just copy and paste the text into a document.

Click in the text field and hit control + A to quickly select all the text.

Control + C will copy the text
Go to a Google Doc and paste text by pressing Control + V

See how to use VoiceNote II