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Read and Write for Google

Read & Write for Google Chrome is a great asset to students and teachers as you can take any website or document and have it read aloud. It also has a lot of premium features available (highlighters, picture dictionary, fact finder, etc.), but I'm just looking at the value of the free version and the needs of our students. 

Having the text read aloud gives teachers a method by which they can better differentiate their instruction. Struggling readers can take advantage of the text being read aloud when a teacher provides content that is just too difficult. It allows them to not only hear the text read aloud, but highlights the words as it is reading.

I also like the idea of using this tool for when a student is revising their own writing. Hearing the text read aloud helps the students listen for mistakes or possible revisions that need to take place. It is easy for students (and adults) to miss revisions that need to be made when left to reading the text with their own eyes. 

Here is the basics of how to get Read &  Write for Google Chrome ready to go: