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Chromebook Games


I'm not typically a fan of posting about skill n' drill gaming apps/websites. However, I get quite a few requests for these types of tools. So when I go on a rampage attempting to find a bunch of tools to fill a void for teachers, I'll go ahead and post about it for a couple reasons. First, it makes it easier if I can just send a few blog post links to teachers when they need them. Second, I'm very forgetful. Just like students, I have to create to lock something in my memory permanently (that's secretly why I make so many videos). 

So here we go with some fun learning games available on Chromebook in the Chrome Webstore...

(Click the titles to go to the link of the chrome app.)


Sumon is a free math puzzle game where the user attempts to add two or more digits to equal a target number. The user has a limited amount of time to select a correct combination of numbers to equal the target number. If a user does not accurately answer, time continues to wind down. If the user does not answer correctly during the allotted amount of time, the game is over. 

I remember playing Mahjong on my old Windows 3.1 machine back when I was in elementary/middle school. (That and Minesweeper was my other addiction.) Here is a fun words version where you don't match words or letters, but you build words with the letters on the board. There is also a math version fittingly titled Math Mahjong.

Word Quest is just plain fun. Here you have to create words with the letters provided to attack monsters. By building words with more points, the player will more quickly defeat the enemy. How do you get more points? Just like in Scrabble, the tiles have point values and the values relate to the rarity/difficulty of that particular letter. The version that is here is free. However, I believe that there are premium features that you can pay for. What that entails, I didn't exactly investigate deeply. It may mean more levels or abilities. I guess your students will find out when they only get so far into the game. Either way, please make sure you look at this game for yourself as it does have a character with a sword. So if you are uncomfortable with the level of violence in the game, you won't want to have your students download it to their Chromebook. 
WordIt 2 is a fun one if you are looking for a word building game that involves some strategy. Users have a set of tiles on a board that is much like a Scrabble board. You have to arrange all the tiles so that every one is used to make a word in some way, shape, or form. (This is where it is extremely handy to know the two letter combinations that are acceptable within Scrabble.) Once all the tiles are arranged, you receive points based upon using the tiles to make words and how the words are arranged to maximize point totals. Just like in Scrabble, rarer letters are worth more points.