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Google Photos

The separation of Google Photos and Google+ happened awhile ago, but I have found it to be extremely useful to the point that I think it is a necessity for teachers. Google Photos is now clean and very user friendly. Not being mixed in with Google Plus will help me as a technology integration coordinator provide a location for teachers to house images and share with community members. There is no better way to communicate what is happening in your classroom than through images and videos.

Google Photos also has applications available for Android as well as iOS. The apps are easy to use and have some features that the web-version doesn't have. For example, users can create slideshows with their images and put them into a movie format. This was already possible with tools such as Youtube, but the clean interface streamlines the whole process as the videos can later be exported to your Youtube account.

Uploading Photos from Your Mobile Device and Sharing

Create a Movie with Your Mobile Device

If you do not have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device available to you, Google Photos is still extremely usable. Users can still plug in their digital cameras or flash drives to upload photos and create albums/collections. The images and videos placed in Google Photos is extremely simple to share as users can select which images/videos they want and create a shareable link. To access the web version, visit

Upload Photos from the Web

Sharing Images to Social Media and Your Teacher Website

Google Photos doesn't even have to be limited to sharing images with community members. It could also be used to share images with students. Start by making a collection of photos for a project for students to access. Then the students can quickly utilize the images collected there in their work. 


  1. Alright, I viewed the videos. Ready to give it a try. I like adding music to videos!


    1. Lisa,
      You just rock. You have fun with your photo slideshows and movies! :)


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