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Google Classroom: Annotate a PDF with DocHub

Today, as I was training teachers on various tech tools available on Chromebook, several questions started to popup about Google Classroom. (My best ideas for training come from random conversations such as these.) For many teachers at MSD of Steuben, this will be their first experience with Google Classroom and Chromebooks. The question arose about how students can annotate a PDF in Google Classroom. The solution I explored is DocHub which is a Google Drive add on. So while everyone was in a training for various webtools, I did a little screencast so that I could post about using DocHub in conjunction with Google Classroom on my blog. 

When a student clicks on a PDF document assigned to them in Google Classroom, it will pull up the PDF viewer in Google Drive. At the top of the screen, the user has the option to choose "open with" and a drop-down menu appears. Here, the students can add DocHub to their options by clicking on the Chrome Web Store icon. 

Using Doc Hub, the student can insert text boxes, draw, highlight, and place stamps on the document. After they are finished, it can be uploaded to Google Drive again. The student would then return to Google Classroom and turn in their newly annotated document for the teacher to review.

For specific details on the process, please watch my video:


  1. This is incredibly helpful!! Thank you so much!!

  2. You just made my Social Studies department very happy. Thanks for the post. Perfect solution to the exact problem they were having!

  3. Super! Thank you for this!

  4. I have been trying Doc Hub and Google Classroom. Everything is working great, up to the point where I correct the papers. How do I make comments, return them to students for corrections, then have them resubmit to me? I am hoping this can be done as you have introduced me to a great tool! Thank you!

    1. The workflow with Dochub isn't super smooth. I one option would be to make the document available for download, have them fill it out, and submit a new version. Would that work?

  5. Thank you for the intro to this great tool! I used it with my students and they were able to turn a "worksheet" in to me. BUUUUUUTTTT, I made comments on their papers and want to return them to the students, then have them make corrections and return back to me. Can this be done? : )


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