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ISTE 2015

@Mr_Yoder wowing the crowd at #ISTE2015 poster sessions. — Julie Becker (@jabecker15) June 30, 2015 I wanted to take a second to just thank everyone that stopped by my poster session at ISTE 2015 today. I am very proud of what my teachers at Wayne Center and Rome City have accomplished this year. Much of what was shared was focused on the accomplishments of a team of passionate educators that want to give students exciting and meaningful learning experiences with digital tools. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share at ISTE and hope that I get another shot at it next year. Here are the slides from my presentation today: On a side note, I had the opportunity to meet the creator of one of my favorite apps, Shadow Puppet . Carl and I had chatted on the phone a year ago about the product, but I was very excited to finally meet him in person. It is always a pleasure to meet the people behind great products that give students great opport

End of 2014-2015 School Year

The fast-paced, evolving realm of digital tools is forever changing the learning landscape. This school year has been no exception. It has been a good year for the students and staff of Wayne Center and Rome City. I have a lot of great memories of working with teachers throughout this year. The greatest improvement would have to be the access to Google Drive this year as it was used to distribute eLearning materials and as an opportunity to share published work with the class. Many more doors have opened for students and teachers to improve workflow with the implementation of this resource, and I'm looking forward to the opportunities it will provide in the future. Last week, I was reminded of all that was accomplished as Mrs. Jackson's third graders used Crayola Photo Mix-&-Mash to let me know all the things they learned from my visits this year. Thanks goes to Mrs. Jackson for the thoughtful gifts her class created with their iPads. What better way to let a technolog