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Earlier this school year, I posted some information about Kahoot and the response from my teachers was great. Teachers and students love it as it spices up the world of assessment. One drawback of the way Kahoot is designed is that it is primarily teacher paced. This is great for discussion, but students tend to look at their neighbor's device when they don't know an answer. The solution to this issue is Quizizz. 

Launching a Quizizz Session

Quizizz, much like Kahoot, requires that students participate by using a code on the site. Students will access Once the students punch in the code and give their name, they are ready to participate.

What makes it different is the fact that it is student-paced. As a student answers a question, they do not have to wait on their peers. The next question will pop up on their own screen and they are free to answer when ready. This helps eliminate the issue of cheating. To add test security, the teacher can also launch Quizizz with the questions randomized. View the video below to get a better idea of how a session would run.

Public Quizizz Games and Editing

Teachers have the option of sharing their games with the public as well. This benefits everyone as teachers can utilize premade Quizizz games or make a duplicate copy of one to customize and tailor it the class' needs. The following video demonstrates how to find public Quizizz games and make a duplicate copy so that it can be edited. 


After your session is over, make sure you grab the report before you leave. Then you can go back and analyze the data to help drive instruction and provide insight on student learning. At the point of this post, I've had difficulty locating the reports after a game has been run and I've left the site. I recommend making sure you download the data after the round is up regardless to be sure you have it regardless of how you plan to use it.