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Visit to try out PingPong. It is a free interactive response system that works on any Internet-enabled device. Students can submit multiple choice, true and false, text, and drawing/image responses from a web browser or mobile app (Android or iOS).

Before beginning, teachers will want to make sure that they have an Evernote account. It is the only way teachers can import images into their presentation or export data. Evernote is free with up to 60 MB of usage per month. Beyond that, teachers will need to purchase more access. If you are not a heavy Evernote user, casual use of PingPong will work within your free limits.

I created a video tutorial to give teachers/presenters a feel for how PingPong works. I presented from the web version which has limitations. One major limitation is the ability to download data; the teacher must be using the iPad or Android app. From the iPad or Android app, a teacher can choose to export the data and it will be sent to the user's Evernote account. The other limitation is the ability to teach straight from the web app. The mobile app allows the teacher to have a whiteboard screen which would be handy if the teacher were projecting his/her device.

To get students connected, the teacher has a class code. The students connect to the class through the mobile app or from through the web version. Here is the basic rundown of a PingPong session.

Teaching from PingPong

Another feature that I like is the ability to teach from PingPong. If the teacher can project his/her Android or iOS device onto a screen, the teacher can import images from Evernote, use the presentation tools (timer and name randomizer), and draw directly on the screen. In a sense, PingPong can replace an interactive whiteboard as the teacher projects his/her screen, and students can respond with their own devices in multiple formats.

Here is what you will need/how the presentation mode looks:

My favorite feature in PingPong is the drawings. I've been looking for a student response system that allowed drawing since Infuse Learning shut down in the spring of 2015. The drawing feature makes PingPong usable at any grade level. I'm looking forward to trying this with kindergarten and first-grade students!