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Kahoot: Ghost Mode

Kahoot has been a popular choice among teachers as it allows them to create and share assessments, collect data or even drive a discussion. (More information on how to get Kahoot started can be found here.) It is also popular with students as they love the competitive nature within it. I actually used it for family tech nights when teaching digital citizenship to students and their family members. It works great as a presentation as you can pause between each question.

Ghost Mode

Kahoot recently added a feature called "ghost mode" where teachers can launch a previous Kahoot game and students can compete against that session. This could be handy for a post assessment scenario or a review for a small group. Here is how to run a ghost mode Kahoot game.

Parent Involvement/Home Connections

I also envision ghost mode to be something usable for students to use at home. This would be a great way for parents to stay informed about the learning experiences in the classroom and students can review concepts as homework. However, this does limit who can participate at home as only students that have more than one Internet-enabled device can participate. 

I created a parent letter that you can download and modify for yourself. It includes a link to a video to inform parents how to run a ghost mode game. Feel free to change the letter to suit your classroom needs. If you have suggestions on how I should modify the letter, please feel free to share those in the comments. 

Ghost Mode on Your Website

Another great way to keep students and parents connected to your ghost mode sessions is to post it on your teacher website. Adding a link directly to your website will drive families to your web page and help improve the parent/teacher communication. This could also be handy if you have students in the class that need to review a concept you covered on Kahoot. Students could partner up with their devices. One could run the session and one student could have the clicker. 

I'm a big fan of Blogger, so the directions for adding a ghost mode link on your website pertain to using Blogger for a teacher website. The same concept applies to all website building resources teachers use as links can be posted. 

UPDATE ALERT (5/19/2015)

My previous video is only slightly outdated. Because of my post about Ghost Mode, Kahoot was kind enough to give me a "heads-up" to let me know they were making a slight change to the site. The only difference is now they have an official "share link" button that allows you to quickly copy the ghost mode link. This makes it much easier to find than the method in my previous video. See video below.