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TodaysMeet: Reading Groups Continued

This is a continuation post about utilizing TodaysMeet for reading discussions in first grade.  I decided to post on this topic again as I worked with a different set of students and a different text. In this post, the first graders used their iPads to chat about a story with a lady that laughed about everything!

I love the exciting opportunities provides for students to converse online about any designated topic. I've promoted other platforms like for similar activities. However, the format of TodaysMeet lends itself more to a specific conversation much like a Twitter chat. Why not use Twitter? Simple answer...first graders can't have Twitter accounts.

I have more information on how to set up a TodaysMeet here. In this scenario, I had a QR code to the TodaysMeet on the actual text. It works well so that they can quickly access the page without having to type in a URL. This is especially handy in case a student gets disconnected. I am hoping to have students perform this activity completely independently in the future.

If you are interested in seeing the conversation or just want a few laughs, enjoy the transcript below.