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Kindergarten Punctuation Project

Mrs. Kuehnert's kindergarten just wrapped up a little punctuation study. For a week or so, they studied the period, question mark, and exclamation point. She was also looking to get her students familiar with an app they had never used. I recommended Shadow Puppet for this idea since it lends itself well to combining multiple ideas. The purpose of this activity was to create sentences using periods, question marks and exclamation points, but also to work on those vital speaking skills.

For this project, I met with the students several days so that they could get plenty of practice with Shadow Puppet before the big punctuation project. We started the punctuation study with the question mark and discussed what it is and shared quite a few examples as a class. The kindergarten kiddos then wrote their sentence using Hello Color Pencil and drew a picture to match their sentence. After they saved their picture, they imported it into Shadow Puppet and made a quick recording. To create a classroom gallery, I created a Google Drive folder so that they could all submit their video. This is a fun way to share learning with the entire class! (See picture above.)

Question Sentence Sample:

On the final day of the punctuation project, we combined all their sentences into one Shadow Puppet video and made a class gallery in Google Drive. The trickiest part was getting the students to find all the images to their videos as they had created other projects in between my visits. If I were to do this project again, I would have had students create an album in the camera roll as they wrote their sentences. It would have made it easier to find the items for the entire video. Another method that would have worked well would be to have them select their existing Shadow Puppet videos they made for each sentence type. However, part of the experience I wanted to give them was to learn how to record, use the pause button and turn pages in one recording session. Having these tech skills will open new opportunities for future activities.

Final Project:

I'm looking forward to more opportunities to implement Shadow Puppet with kindergarten. It is an exciting experience to build independence with a technology tool. They love the opportunity to express their learning through an iPad.