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Teachers need to tell their story. They also need a time-efficient to be able to accomplish the task. Parents need convenient ways to receive communication; a little glimpse of what is happening in the classroom goes a long way. It is the nature of today's culture as Internet users are so accustomed to having so much information piped directly to them in short bursts through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I encourage teachers to join into the realm of social media as it provides information to parents on a platform that they already utilize. If teachers are telling their story, less fiction can be created. The slideshow above is an example of how Flipagram for iOS and Android can be an asset to the teacher in sharing their story.

I've posted quite a bit recently on the use of Instagram in the classroom and how it can enhance communication. In addition to those posts, I'd like to introduce Flipagram. I like Flipagram because it is super easy to use and can be piped directly into your social media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Teachers can put together a few pictures into a slideshow, add some text, add music, and post to all major social media platforms. It has been useful as I snap a few pictures of my classroom experiences and send a slideshow to the teacher so that they can post it on their blog. They appreciate that I did a few steps for them, but it really only takes about five minutes to create a Flipagram.

Here is how to create a Flipagram:

Another practical use of Flipagram is to post the slideshows to your blog/class website. If you are utilizing a class Instagram account, you can easily embed your Flipagrams directly to your blog. What an easy way to keep parents informed and engaged in their child's learning experience.